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Car shopping is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit stressful, especially if you are running under pieces of misinformation. Here at Mercedes-Benz of Asheville, our team will do everything possible to make your car search go as smoothly as possible. One way to get a good start to the process is by debunking some common car-buying myths.

Myth: Shop for a Car on a Rainy Day 

This myth assumes that people will be unwilling to shop through a car lot on a rainy day, leaving the lot barren and the sales team desperate to make a sale. According to this line of reasoning, you could get a better deal than usual. Unfortunately, this myth has spread so far and wide that rainy days are most likely going to be the busiest times. During your car search, it’s best to simply look for a new Mercedes-Benz car on the day that works for you.

Myth: Wait Until the Last Second to Mention Your Trade 

The idea here is that if you say you want to trade right away, the sales team won’t be as willing to offer a good deal. However, this trick is so commonly known by now that dealers expect it and the deal won’t be affected by mentioning your trade at any specific time. However, if you wait to mention your trade, you’ll likely just spend extra time waiting for the appraisal to be done.

Myth: Shop at the End of the Month for the Best Deal 

The assumption here is that you’ll catch salespeople desperate to hit their quota, making them inclined to give you a better deal. However, this myth assumes that the dealers haven’t already met their quota and it also assumes that your sale will be what makes them hit their quota. Again, pick a time that works best for you for your car-shopping experience. 

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