At our North Carolina Mercedes-Benz dealership, we have your back for your whole journey of owning a Mercedes-Benz. Not only will we help you find the right new Mercedes-Benz car for you, but we will also provide trustworthy maintenance and repair to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Our professional team of trained experts here at Mercedes-Benz of Asheville will quickly and efficiently service and repair your car with high-performance OEM parts. 

A big clue into why OEM parts are more reliable for quality repairs is in the name. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” meaning the parts are made by the same people who made your Mercedes-Benz car. This means you can trust the quality and performance of an OEM part over a substitute part made by a third party. After all, you chose Mercedes-Benz for a good reason, right? OEM Mercedes-Benz parts are made to provide the high-quality and thrilling driving experience you love. Plus, you can depend on an OEM part lasting for a long time compared to a substitute part, so you won’t have to deal with having to get repairs so often.? 

Substitute parts, however, are made mostly to be a tempting cheaper option rather than a high-performing part. Even though it costs less upfront, a non-OEM part will cost you more in the long-run when you have to repair your car over and over again. Non-OEM parts are also rarely under warranty, which means you’ll be stuck with the bill each time. On the other hand, OEM parts are almost always under warranty, providing you with peace of mind when you get a repair done.? 

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