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Driving a new Mercedes-Benz car or SUV is a great feeling. To retain the refined driving experience you've grown accustomed to, it's important to stay on top of your auto maintenance schedule. Our team at Mercedes-Benz of Asheville takes care of a wide range of maintenance and repair needs for your car, including servicing its engine.

Engine Wear 

As you rack up the miles on your car, there are four general kinds of engine wear you might experience. Abrasive wear occurs when particles, like dirt, dust, or pebbles, make their way into your engine, interrupting the smooth operation of your parts and causing grinding. Chemical wear, which is often referred to as corrosive wear, happens when chemicals leak and start to cause damage to your car’s engine. Adhesive wear happens under heavy pressure between metal pieces, and is essentially microscopic fusing of metal surfaces. When pulled apart, the metal loses some of its smoothness. What’s most common is fatigue wear, which is the result of pressure and weight over time and happens even under proper lubrication with oil.

Mercedes-Benz Service Center 

If your check engine light activates or if you simply have concerns about how your engine is performing, head over to our Mercedes-Benz service center in North Carolina. Our team of certified technicians will waste no time isolating the problem with your car engine and finding the right solution. We can clean out some contaminants, replace your air filters, provide and oil change, and more to get your engine running smoothly. If needed, we can also replace any broken parts with genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz car parts. Schedule your service appointment with us today!  

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